Wednesday, May 18, 2016

7 Permanent Free Download

7 Permanent Free Download

7 Permanent Loader eXtreme Edition v3 Free Download Full version .
7 Permanent If you want a bit more ftures and control with process, try this updated version of 7 Loader eXtreme Edition by NAPALUM guy.
7 Loader Extreme Edition |Ý is a versatile tool to activate any version of 7/ Vista/ 2008R2/ 2008. Interacts directly with elements of the operating system responsible for . It supports all the official ways to activate and removes a of internal restrictions on their use. Provides an adequate level of security the user, allowing frlessly make intuitive interaction with the . Able to perform all the basic functions of the individual tools used for .

Activates all 7 versions:
Ultimate, Professional, Enterprise, Starter, Basic, Home, etc.

Activates 7 / Vista / 2008 R2 / 2008 / 2010

Supported editions: All

Safer loader installation (than other s)
Activate any edition (without reducing default abilities)
Activates 2010 (w7lxe.exe / 2010)
Trial Reset (get back 4 rrms and 30 days)
Installs/Uninstalls/Detects public SLIC emulators:
W7 Loader
Open W7 Loader
SLIC Driver
Vista Boot
WOW7 Loader
Vista Loader
KMS Emulator
Automatic and Advanced Mode
Complete loaders collection

Ability to use external SLIC’s storage
Ability to use external Certifies storage
SLIC and Certifie comparison
Custom KMS servers list
Custom list
Custom logos list
KB971033 rdy
Shows extended -related information.
Detects Chew-WGA & RemoveWAT-related system changes.
Activates 2010
Custom loaders integration
SLIC checking: checksum, SLIC&RSDT&XSDT markers
Installed loader information: Boot Loader and SLIC Emulator
Installed information
SLIC dump
Certifie dump
Product checker
Logos and OEM information installation
Commmand line
Internal SLIC’s storage
Internal Certifies storage

Emulated KMS Server
Internet KMS Servers

Download latest updates:
7/Vista Certifies

- Run as administrator
- Click on “Activate Your 7 Copy” and follow onscreen prompts.
- Done, Enjoy

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