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BattleBlock Thter Game Download

BattleBlock Thter Game Download

BattleBlock Thter Game Downloadis a platform game developed by The Behemoth and published by Studios for Xbox 360. It is the third title from The Behemoth following Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. The game was relsed on Xbox Live Arcade on April 3, 2013.Almost all of the game's cut-scenes are done in a stick puppet style. The game begins with the narrator (voiced by Will Stamper) telling the adventures of the hundreds of friends aboard the S.S. Friendship, as well as Hatty Hattington.

Who is known as "best friend to one and all". After encountering a hvy storm, the S.S. Friendship becomes shipwrecked on a mysterious, seemingly abandoned island, and the crew itself vanishes. Upon waking up from the wreck, the player character seeks shelter from the storm in a dilapidated thter.As the player progresses, the narrator revls more about the thter. Hundreds of yrs before the player shipwrecked on the island, Purrham Furbottom, a thtrical aficionado, sought to build the world's grtest thter.

In BattleBlock Thter , players control a prisoner as they are forced to play through games devised by Hatty Hattington. Controls are simple, with the game largely consisting of running, jumping and punching. Levels are made up of various types of blocks, such as collapsing blocks, sticky walls, bouncy volcanic rocks and ddly spikes, and also fture hazards such as water and ddly crtures.The main mode in the game is Adventure Mode, which can be played solo or co-operatively with a second player. During co-operative play, players are able to work together to overcome obstacles, which includes throwing them across gaps, using their hds as platforms and helping ch other.

Along with a Time Attack mode, the gameBattleBlock Thteralso ftures a Level Editor, which allows players to crte their own stages for any game type. These levels can be assembled into a playlist, consisting of various Adventure and Arena levels, and uploaded to the community for others to download. There is also additional content unlocked for players who also own Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid HD.The game ftures user-erated music from the Newgrounds community and narration by Newgrounds contributor Will Stamper.

BattleBlock Thter has received mainly positive reviews, with a Metacritic rating of 85. GamesRadar gave the game 4.5/5 stars, praising varied stages and extensive multiplayer modes. Destructoid gave the game 9/10, calling it "a hallmark of excellence". Official Xbox Magazine also gave the game 9/10, praising its vast content and community ftures, as did Eurogamer, who called it "a masterclass in pure game design." IGN gave the game a score of 7.8, praising inventive level design, but criticising the platforming gameplay in comparison to other titles like Super Mt Boy and Braid. Den of Geek!

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