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FRACT OSC Game Tool Free Download

FRACT OSC Game Tool Free Download

FRACT OSC Game Tool Free Downloadis a music-based puzzle game crted by independent game developer Phosfiend Systems. The game was relsed on April 22, 2014 for both and OS X platforms. Fract OSC Toolallows the player to explore an abstract landscape that includes puzzles using platforming and music-based game elements. Completing these puzzles crtes ambient music that continues to play in the environment, while also portions of a in-game music synthesis that allows the player to crte their own music.

The gameFract OSC Tool, originally named Fract, was developed by Richard Flanagan as part of his student work at the University of Montrl, and achieved wide interest after winning the Student Showcase award at the 2011 Independent Games Festival and relse of a freely available demo. Flanagan brought aboard Quynh Nguyen and Henk Boom to flesh out the game, branding themslves Phosfiend Systems. They received funding help from the Indie Fund to complete the title.Fract OSC Toolwas originally planned to spanseveral levels, but due to complexity, was reduced to a single primary level representing a synthetic oscillator, shorted to "OSC" for the game's final relse.

Fract OSC Tool is presented to the player in the first-person view. As a nameless avatar, the player explores the game's world with little guidance besides visual and audio clues. The game begins on an empty space which, as the player discovers while playing the game, is a giant music synthesizer, initially defunct. A portal on this level lds to a game's main world space, the insides of this synthesizer. This world is an abstract landscape, comparable to the visuals of Tron, that includes many large structures along with the unique environmental ftures. At any time.

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