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TrustPort Antivirus With Free Download

TrustPort Antivirus With Free Download

TrustPort Antivirus With Free Downloadis a security software company, hdquartered in Brno, Czech Republic. Its products focus on three main ars of computer and data protection. The first ar is the protection against viruses, spyware, and malware in eral. TrustPort implements its own antivirus technology, using multiple scanning engines, d from several antivirus producers. The second ar is filtering of unwanted data, like electronic mail spam or objectionable website content. TrustPort develops filtering technologies, based on both simple rules and heuristic analysis. The third ar is the confidentiality and authenticity of electronic data.
Both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography are being used in TrustPort technology for data encryption and electronic signing.TrustPort Antivirus With solutions range from the protection of individual computers to the protection of wholenetworks.TrustPort was preceded by the AEC (originally an abbreviation of Association for Electronics and Computers), founded in 1991. AEC was selling software and providing services in the field of data security. Alrdy in 1993, the company started to develop its own security software, in addition to products from other manufacturers. Original AEC software products from the 1990s were erally branded as IronWare.
They included for example IronWall for file encryption, IronBridge for network communiions protection, IronMail for electronic mail encryption, and IronFolder for automated encryption and decryption in specified folders. Even these rly products indied some future directions of the software sold under theTrustPort Antivirus With AntivirusWith brand.Thesoftware gradually became known as IronWare Security Suite. In September 2000, based on previous contract between AEC and Norman ASA, the IronWare Security Suite product rights and development tm passed into the onwnership of Norman, and the software was renamed to Norman Security Suite.
AEC continued to sell the software as a business partner of Norman. In March 2002, AEC once again started to promote software of its own production, when it introduced DataShredder, TrustMail, and TrustPort Encryption at the Cebit computer expo. DataShredder was designed for irreversible deletion of sensitive data, TrustMail for encryption and signing of data, TrustPort Encryption for file encryption, applicable both with personal computers, and with mobile devices.In April 2008, two major changes were made in TrustPort product portfolio.TrustPort Antivirus With Workstation was renamed to TrustPort PC Security, in order to alignthe product name with the products of competing companies.
At the same time,TrustPort Antivirus With Antivirus was established as a standalone product for those customers, who do not seek acomprehensive security suite, but rather an essential antimalware protection.starting with TrustPort Antivirus 2011, followed by TrustPort Internet Security 2011 and TrustPort Total Protection 2011. For medium and large businesses, a comprehensive solution TrustPort Security Elements was put on the market, with four different protection levels available.TrustPort Antivirus With Security Elementswas designed as a software bundle that would protect various elements of a heteroous network.

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